GoogleCTF 2023

Google will run the 2023 CTF competition in two parts: an online jeopardy-CTF competition, and a different on-site contest open only to the top 8 teams of the online jeopardy-CTF competition. "Capture The Flag" (CTF) competitions are not related to running outdoors or playing first-person shooters. Instead, they consist of a set of computer security puzzles (or challenges) involving reverse-engineering, memory corruption, cryptography, web technologies, and more. When players solve them they get a "flag", a secret string which can be exchanged for points. The more points a team earns, the higher up it moves in rank.

The CyberEagles@TNTECH team participated for our first time in GoogleCTF. There was definitely a steeper difficulty curve compared to other CTFs I have participated in, but that lead to some super unique and interesting challenges. While our performance wasn't the best, I think it was a great learning opportunity for the team.


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